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Keeping Your License

Many of our clients ask us if they can keep their license after a DUI charge is brought. If you are charged with your first DUI, you can keep your license IF you fill in the form the officer gave you after he arrested you – and mail it back to the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles within 7 days of the arrest. The form is called, “Notice of Intention to Suspend License,” and is a full size piece of white paper. You MUST fill it in and request a hearing and return it to the DMV within 7 days of your license will be suspended.

To keep your license after that, you will need to either win the license suspension hearing, or reach an agreement with the prosecutor that includes a plea agreement where you plead guilty to something that is NOT a DUI.

This is because there are NO EXCEPTIONS for a license suspension in Vermont for DUI. If your license is suspended, you simply CANNOT drive at all – for any reason. This means you cannot even drive to work or doctor’s appointments if your license is suspended. Unfortunately, many people who have been convicted of DUI / DWI in Vermont have told their friends and family that the judge gave them such a privilege. We have heard the terms “provisional license,” “conditional license” and “work license.” None of these things exist in Vermont.

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