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Get Ready for Court

DUI: Getting Ready for Court.

There are a number of steps we recommend you take even before going to court.

Step One: Mail back the Notice of Intent to Suspend License form within 7 days of being arrested. If you do not, your license will be suspended automatically and you will forfeit your right to contest that decision.

Step Two: If your breath test result was above .10 percent blood alcohol content, or if you have already been convicted of a DUI / DWI in the past, or if you refused to take the breath test, we strongly recommend that you schedule an assessment with an alcohol counselor immediately. This is for three reasons.

  • First, your health may require it. No matter what, we will fight to protect your rights, get your charged dismissed, or get you the best result possible result. But as critically important as those things are, your health is even more important.
  • Second, the judge is very likely to order you to meet with an alcohol counselor anyway.
  • Third, the judge has the power to order you to do far more difficult things than get counseling: he or she could order you to report to a police station every single day – or twice a day – to take a breath test while your case is pending. The judge can also impose a curfew, and can even set bail on you and jail you until your bail is paid. If you have already met with an alcohol counselor before you go to the court, the judge is more likely to see you in a better light.

Plus, nothing you tell the counselor can be used against you anyway.
Step Three: Call an experienced Vermont DUI attorney.

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